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Music Tones

Music tones have also found their way not only to portable music devices but also to mobile handsets. Music tones are now used to personalise the sound that comes from a mobile phone. So instead of the traditional "beep" and "ring", a mobile phone may sound off a familiar tune whenever someone is calling. From monophonic to polyphonic ringtones, real music tones made mobile phone use a lot more fun. Music tones are not just used as a ringer or sound of incoming call but also as a message alert tone than you can set and change anytime you want to.

In using real music tone, you get to know who is calling even before you flip open your mobile phone. This is because real music tones may be set to a particular person or group of people in your contact list. Real music tones actually allow you to personalise the phone settings for sheer enjoyment and ease. Music tones are also downloaded to a mobile device to create a music library. For mobile phones that feature a built-in media player or mp3 player, music tones are a welcome additional for music lovers.

Common file format of music tones

Music tones may use the mp3, aac, wav or amr file formats. The format of your music tones actually depend on the mobile device or portable media player you're using. Some music tones may also be cut or cropped into parts. If the file format is not compatible with the mobile device or media player you're using, you may use a file conversion software. For higher storage capacity, you can also compress your music tones by using a software application that you can buy or download online. This way, music tones won't take too much memory space.

Downloading music tones

Music download sites are great sources of music tones. Some sites may even allow you to listen to music tones before you add them to your shopping cart. But best of all, there are sites that offer music tone downloads for free. The only requirement is for you to sign up. Whether free or not, still, it's best to check the terms and conditions for the music download of the site. Make sure that the download process is secure and free from any virus.

You can easily check all available music tones through a list provided by the music download site. The list may be arranged based on music genre, name of artist or song title. Others simply have the A to Z list for the name of artist you're looking for.

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